Lake Oswego Review Article

Finishing the third section of a mural for Lake Oswego Ice Creamery. I worked with the owner of the company and with the Heritage House of Lake Oswego to create scenes of Lake Oswego from 100 years ago.

You can read the article here!


Willamette Wine Storage Mural Completed

Putting the topcoat on my newest mural in Northwest Portland. I was lucky to have a dry September to get this all done. Thanks to Matt for all the help!

New Mural in Northwest Portland


After a lot of work and planning, we have finally begun the the first stages of a big new mural in Northwest Portland for Willamette Wine Storage. We are also working with Fillmore Trattoria and St. Honore Boulangerie to make this happen, and we are so excited to finally bring this idea to life!


Performance Mobility Mural

Thanks to Jesse and everyone at Performance Mobility for the opportunity to paint this fun office mural!


Abbey Creek mural completed

I had so much fun creating this mural for Bertony at Abbey Creek!  The roots all connect together and even spell out words. 

Thanks to the talented artist Sade Beasley for her help on this one!